Jill, Chad and their four lovely children, or “crazy crew” as Jill likes to call them, arrived in Sao Jose dos Campos this year. They have settled in to the flow of life in Brazil remarkably easily, and are starting to see their children learn a new language and develop new friends. Jill saw the images from this session with Melissa, http://www.image-421.com/2012/07/telling-story-new-to-sao-jose-dos.html and decided that she wanted to capture this unique moment in their family’s history, as well.

We met at Parque de Cidade on Brazil’s Independence Day. It was hot, and the park was full of people that were relaxing and celebrating. Thankfully, we had the enormous bamboo plants to ourselves, and the boys were happy to play. We moved on to walking through the park, and collecting nature. We finished at the front of the park and enjoyed a well deserved coconut water!

The children were remarkable in the heat, and I enjoyed my time with this “crazy crew”. After the session, Jill sent me this message ”

 “You actually made family pics fun…something I usually dread! 😉 Thanks for being so patient and wonderful with my crazy crew”

I am happy to share these images with you!



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