While scrolling through Facebook one night, I noticed that Sienna had uploaded a new photo. In the photo, she was wearing a very funky hat. Almost immediately, I saw an image of Sienna, sitting in an antique chair, wearing a long skirt, reading (one of her passions) and wearing the hat. The image was floating around in my mind for a couple of days before I found the courage to approach her (and her Mum) about bringing the image to life. Sienna jumped at the chance. It took a while to pull all the props together, but when we did the session it was more than I imagined. Sienna was a natural in front of the camera and seem to know instinctively when to smile, when to look away and when to stare into the camera lens. The sunlight was gorgeous, and the props were worth the effort it took to find them. I was buzzing after the session, and very proud that I had followed my instinct.

Cindy Cavanagh

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November 2, 2011
Yea! Love them Cindy. You truly captured so much of her sweet nature and happy self : )

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