“life loves the person who dares to live it”  Maya Angelou

This is my favourite quote at the moment. It resonates with me, and my life. We have dared to live by the beach, in Auckland, by a river in the country, and our last adventure was in Brazil. We lived there for 5 years, and I still pinch myself that it was true. I arrived with a point and shoot camera, and I was busy taking pictures of all of our postcard moments. However, I began to feel frustrated with the images. They were different to what I was seeing, and so I begged for a DLSR. Yes begged, and for my 40th birthday it was gift wrapped with a bow.

I jumped into photography with a passion that I have never felt before! I threw myself into it with my whole soul. Initially, I focused my attention on capturing the street markets. The array of vegetables and fruits were simply amazing. I went online to learn the basics about my camera and photography. I  visited all websites, blogs, forums, and Facebook groups and communities. Then I took a course about portrait photography. It was left of field from food photography, and completely changed my direction. Right before me were my 5 children and  it wasn’t the postcard moments that I filled my frame with. It was the ordinary moments. The details of life that are ever-changing, and the emotions that fill their face, and their connections.

Now, I dare to live in Sydney.   I am happy to be home in Australia with my 5 children, and sweet husband…. who dared to buy me that camera and start this adventure.


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