“I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.”  Mary Oliver

Often when we go to the beach in Sydney, we travel with enough stuff to fill a few suitcases. The beach toys, the towels, the spare clothes, the drink and food. It is a task to organize. But the beauty of vacation, and being on  holidays, is that we leave our “stuff” behind. We take the essentials, and that is all. And on this day, you played with a sarong, the only toy you could find. The flutter of pink and blue caught my eye as you ran down the beach. It looked “as though you had wings”. I grabbed my camera, but stayed seated. I didn’t want to interrupt your game as you were  being”light and frolicsome” in that moment. You played on the beach, as I captured these beautiful portraits. You were “afraid of nothing” as you played in this imaginary world. I sat mesmerized behind my camera as you were not ” improbable beautiful”, but you were {or are}  beautiful. And I am so grateful that I watched, and saw this beauty unfold. As  our summer is just starting, and we plan to visit the many beautiful beaches in Sydney, I will have to remind myself that less is more. To take less “stuff” so we have these beautiful moments, and portraits, to cherish.beachportraitsinsydneybyimage421-(12-of-14)-copy

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