“life loves the person who dares to live it”  Maya Angelou


I read this quote today and it resonants with me. It was an answer to a question that I didn’t know I was asking. A question that I had been thinking about, and if truth be told, a little worrying. Well a lot of worrying. My family have experienced a lot of change in the last 12 months, moving from Brazil to Australia, and then moving cities. It has been an unsettled 12 months. Now, we are about to start another phase with new schools, new friends and a new community. A whole new adventure.  I know my children are resilient, and with time, they will have friends and a sense of community. They need to receive patience, kindness, and loads of love. These are the answers that I would give to another Mum that was anxious, but I was missing something. It was daring. The ability to embrace this new adventure and dare to make new friends, and meet new people. To be bold and have courage, and stand out from the crowd.

And while I am being very honest, I need to be daring myself. To embrace my photography with a fearlessness that  doesn’t always come naturally to me. Patient and calm are the words that I hear most often about myself. However,  I am bold and adventurous, and the fact that I took 5 children to live in Brazil is evidence of that. The best adventure of my life, and so I do possess daring. I am fearless. I am bold. I just need to keep telling myself that, and believing in myself as much as I believe in my children.

These are my 5 daring, bold, and resilient children on a day that we played at the park. The sun was setting, and through the trees the most gorgeous sun flare was shining. They totally played silly, pulled faces and looked in all directions other than my camera. Yes, they are children of a photographer…a bold, fearless, and daring photographer.

This is my cherish this day post.

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January 24, 2014
I love, love your sunbursts and use of light!
    January 24, 2014
    Oh Thank you Melissa...I was so happy to capture it...first time with my 50mm. Woohoo!

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