You came home from school with that look. You were tired, and looked like you had a day that was long and hard. You asked what was for afternoon tea, and instantly my answer changed. “how about we make some chocolate chip cookies?” And you looked at me sheepishly, and said “Can it just be me and you…no-one else?”. “Of course! Just give me 10 minutes, and we can start. While you wait, why dont you get changed.”.

I came back to find you waiting for me in kitchen wearing a pretty dress, and a necklace. You looked like you were going out to dinner, not about to make cookies in the kitchen. As I have grown in motherhood, I have learnt not to question these choices, and just go with it. And so we made cookies, and thankfully the rest of the family left us alone with me asking. We chatted, and laughed. I didnt ask what had happened at school, but by the time we ate the cookies, your smile was back.


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