Last year, we moved into a new home. Our children jumped with joy. Not only did they love the house, but in their eyes this meant a puppy. Yes, we had promised the kids a puppy when we found our new home. It is strange what we promise in moments of change, but they never let us forget this promise. It was a constant conversation around the dinner table. Now, the emotional Mum in me wanted to fulfill this promise, but the practical Mum said, “Are we crazy?” A new home and a new puppy don’t go together.

And, we are definitely crazy. This is not the first time that crazy has won, while practical Mum shakes her head in the background. I wish I could say our puppy was the best in the world. I wish practical Mum didn’t complain about the shoes that he has chewed, and the garden hoses that are no more. I wish I could say house training was a breeze, and that he doesn’t jump up on the table to eat the left over breakfast cereal. I wish I could say the kids play and walk  him everyday, as they promised around the dinner table. I can’t. It is as bad as practical Mum thought it would be, and emotional Mum can do nothing but clean up the trail of mess.

Then I see moments of this. This beautiful friendship that is blossoming. They spend time together every day. They sit together and she talks.  She plays with him, and he listens to her. We call on her to calm him down. We call on her to feed him, and bath him. She always responds with a  “yes”. Their friendship is important to her. And so while practical Mum may complain and whine, emotional Mum smiles, and knows that our crazy decision was right.

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June 12, 2015
Beautiful photos Cindy!

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