Last week, we went to the Curry Festival in Castle Hill. My husband’s mother was visiting, and we thought we would get some yummy food, and experience a little culture. The whole family piled into the car and of course I took my camera. I thought I could capture some beautiful images with the colours of traditional Indian dress, and the food on a street in Sydney. I was going to do my best at capturing some street photography.

We were not the only ones to have this idea. The street was packed, and not just a bit busy. It was overflowing. We walked our way through the crowd, and by the time we got to the end of the stalls, our mouths were drooling. How could we conquer the crowd and keep all 8 of us together? We found a place to sit, on the sidewalk. We took it in turns to join the lines, and try this delicious food. The wait was worth it. My butter chicken and Naan bread were delicious.

Once my belly was satisfied, I remembered my camera. But walking through the crowd with a camera was near impossible. All I could capture was the back of someone’s head. Plus pausing to capture any of the details was an impossibility. The crowd was patient but not willing to wait while this photographer captured the colour of the spices, or the pretty Sari for sale.

So I stayed with my family, knowing that  every trip out doesn’t need to be a photo session. While we waited for the boys, my girls talked their Nanny in to buying a bubble gun. They know a visiting Nanny is a soft touch for buying a toy when Mum will say, “No”. They played with the bubble gun on the street. They laughed at the huge number of bubbles that sprayed out of the gun. Finally, it got the better of me, and I pulled my camera out of its bag. Their laughter, and silly antics was too much for this Mum to resist. So, while I came with my camera to capture Sari and colour, I ended up with bubbles and laughter.


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