One aspect of Brazil I just love is the abundance of fresh fruit. Not only from the markets I visit every week but directly from the trees. In parks, condominiums and housing estates, you can find all sorts of fruit trees loaded with fruit. The fruit is picked by those walking by and those who enjoy a snack on the go . We did this as kids, climbing into next neighbors backyards to pick from the mulberry trees or walking over to the billabong( bush reserve) and searching for blackberries. When I see kids and adults alike picking mango (manga), mulberry(amora), guava (goiaba), acerola(sour cherry-like fruit), and abacate (avocado) from the trees,  I always think of my childhood.

So when my sweet friend above offered to share her “just-picked” goiaba with me at a recent party, I politely declined and grabbed this photo instead. Que delicia!

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