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I remember opening the box of my new Nikon D90 with the biggest smile. I had been wanting to replace my point and shoot camera and, after much begging,  my wish was granted for my 40th Birthday. Now what?
So many buttons, letters, lights. I had no idea what to do. I have had many people ask me what to do with their new camera and so here are my random thoughts.

1. Enjoy it! 
Leave all the features of the camera on automatic and get to know the camera. Practise using the zoom features, when to use the flash and when to use the natural light. Think about the composition of the photo, getting closer to the subject or moving away, and trying different angles. Let the camera do the work and you can enjoy the moment of taking the images.
2. Learn the features of your camera.
When you feel you are ready to turn the dial from automatic, start looking for a course that covers the features of your camera. I did my course online at and it was the worth the investment. I learnt quickly and consciously the features of the D90 and how to use them.
3. Move to Manual
This step is difficult  but it is one that takes your photos from snapshots to beautiful images. I read the camera manual, books, googled, read blogs etc and the words didnot sink in….but maybe that is just me :-). I needed to study this and not just once. I found courses online, again at, which really helped. There are many introduction courses to photography that will help you learn the basics. Find one that fits your budget and your schedule.
4 Practise!
Now after almost 2 years of practising, I am starting to get this. It takes time, practise and patience. The best and most fun way to do this is to start a project. Find something that you love to look at and want to capture. Sunsets, your children, church doors, cars, clouds. Oh! The list is endless. Search online for other similar projects to get ideas and follow their achievements as well. I felt such joy after completing my Fresh Produce project, that I have 3 projects running now.

Take care,
Cindy Cavanagh

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