Kimberlie has captured both James and Lilah at 6 days old. So before Julietta arrived, we arranged to meet and take photos of her at the same age, and keeping the family tradition alive.

Julietta arrived the day Kimberlie’s Mother landed in Brazil from the United States. Rick literally collected his Mother-in-law from the airport and arrived home to leave again. This time to drive Kimberlie to the hospital. What timing! The delivery was relatively short, and Julietta weighed a tiny 2.5kgs.

During the session, I asked Kimberlie how she was enjoying having a newborn in the house again. After 5 years, a  Mum’s body can take a beating with the disrupted sleep. She replied “Oh Cindy! I am in love! “. I will never forget her response as it gave me goosebumps. That sense of instant devotion is beyond any words that I could write here in this blog. This family adores Julietta, and I am going to let the images speak for themselves.

I am happy to share these images. Enjoy!

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