I had this idea that was bouncing around in my head. It involved letters to Santa, natural light, Christmas decorations and a wagon. I thought it would be a super cute idea for boys, and so I sent out a call for models that still believe in Santa. I wanted to capture the Christmas wonder that only exists when children still believe in Santa.

Thankfully, Jill volunteered her two sweet boys, aged 3 and 5. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!

We met at a park, and I had set up wooden fruit crates as stools, wood clipboards to write their letters to Santa, decorations, cookies, and a wagon filled with presents. We started the session with writing their Christmas wishes, we then enjoyed a cookie or 3 and finally a ride in the wagon. The simple pleasures of Christmas. The joy on their faces is pure, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this session.

As an added bonus, The Fort published the photos on their blog. Here is the link:



I happy to share to these images. Enjoy!






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