I have liked many, many pages on social media. I enjoy a gorgeous feed of images every day, and I decided to share this eye candy with you.  These are images that I pause to look at. They cause an emotion in me; a smile , a sigh or an OMG!  I hope to show a variety of images, and share my love of photography with you.

I also want to support small business owners. It is hard to be in business in a global economy and get noticed. If any of these images move you, then show your support by liking their page, and loving their work.


Adriana Varela Photography
Adriana captures her boys with such love and emotion. I always pause to admire her work, and wonder how she captures the image. I adore the emotion in this image.


Heather Robinson Photography.
WOW! You need to look twice at this image, and when you see it you cant stop looking.

Kim Hill Photography
I love the light in this image, and the extra details. The horse, the clothes, and the conversion to black and white is stunning.

Matt and Katie Photographer
I  had this idea of sharing my favourite images for a while. It was this image that made me start this post. It is so strong yet vulnerable at the same time. So beautiful.

Summer K Photography.
Summer’s work always amazes me. She is able to create a beautiful balance in her images. I love the colour against the white snow.
SummerK photography

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