Linda and her Mum were enjoying a month long tour of Brazil when she contacted me. Her Mum was visiting from the United States, and they were seeing some of the amazing sights that this country has to over. They had taken many snap shots, but she wanted a portrait of the two of them. An image that both could treasure forever.

I was in love with the idea. We often forget to capture ourselves with our parents when we become adults. The years go by to quickly, and then we look and realize it is five, ten, or 15 years since we last had a photo with our Mum or Dad. We focus our attention on our children and take photos with the grandparents. We want to capture those special moments when they are together. Usually we our having a bad hair day, or need to lose 5 kilos, and so it is easier to stay behind the camera. Then it is with sadness that we realise we do not have a nice picture together.

Thankfully, this will not be the case for Linda and Connie. The day before the session they enjoyed a day of pampering which included manicures, pedicures and hair. We met at the end of the day, to capture a gorgeous sunset but  in rolled the clouds. They were dark and grey and added drama to the images. It was a fun filled session, and they even brought a bottle of their favourite wine and glasses to use as  props. They filled the glasses with grape juice (honestly), and they celebrated their loving relationship.

I am happy to share these images with you. Enjoy!

PS I am so going to have a Mummy and me session with my Mum the next time we are together.




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