This session with my girls was spontaneous. My two little ones were playing dress-ups. They had selected princess dresses and applied their own make-up. They danced and twirled around the lounge room, pretending that it was a ballroom in a castle.

My littlest girl then asked me to take a photo. Instantly, I remembered the old, rusty truck parked in our condominium. It is the gardeners, and I think it no longer works. I asked her if we could take photos with the old truck, and sensing a new adventure she agreed.

The news quickly spread that we were going to take photos, and my eldest daughter asked if she could join us. She ran upstairs and found a dress that matched her sisters. I quickly grabbed a picnic basket and pretty flowers from the vase to use as props. We drove off to find the old truck as the sun started to set.

My three girls together and it all happened in an instant. I am sure if I planned it, it would not have happened any better. I am so grateful that I have captured them all together. Who knows when the next time it will happen. Until then, I have these images to treasure.

I am happy to share these images with you. Enjoy!

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