So when I took my vacation a couple of weeks ago, I really missed one aspect of Facebook. I missed the blog circles that I belong to. I have met some absolutely beautiful women who adore photography. They encourage each other everyday. They cheer loudly for all of the successes, and they commiserate the failures. They push each other to do better, and to create the best work possible. We are all at different levels in our photography journey, and  there are no divas or drama queens. Just a group of Mums who love photography.

I check my blog circles daily to stay in touch, and chat with my online friends. The funny thing is I have never actually heard their voices, but I feel I know these ladies by their words, and their images. I know the day we do meet, we will hug each other with a real affection.

This is my tip to you to  improve your own photography. Find a blog group, and take part in a weekly or monthly circle that requires you to share your work. You will start as strangers with a passion. You will be inspired to stretch your skills, and be a better photographer. Your work will improve. At times, you will feel out of your comfort zone. You will question your abilities, but as the weeks pass you will start to soar. There helping you along the way will be those strangers who are now friends. But to receive praise and comments, you need to give it. Be generous, real, and open. Share the love, and it will come back to you.

Now don’t take my word for it. Follow the link to see the rest of the photographers in this circle. They are truly gorgeous ladies, and the lovely Julie of Jujujems Art and Photo Studio will not disappoint you.



Family Portraits in Sydney


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Mel Karlberg
October 24, 2014
What phenomenal colors and light! Gorgeous week!
October 28, 2014
I always love how you images just flow together in the collages you make! Beautiful! Love your words this week too!

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