After the birth of our child, the only thing that comes close to the feeling of being pregnant is wrapping up your baby in a sling and holding them close to your heart. It is a feeling of love and protection. It is also the only way to get things done when you have more than one child. There are times when sitting and cuddling endlessly is just not possible. One of my fondest memories of my newborn child was holding them in a sling. So when Rebecca approached me about a babywearing session for my {Mother Nature} project, well these memories came flooding back.

Her baby boy is reaching that stage where he is getting heavy and carrying him for a long period is a strain on the body. She wanted to capture this moment before it was gone. This is what she had to say about our session; ”

I’m what I consider an old mum. I waited for so long to find the right person to spend my life with and create a little human with. Over the years, I busied myself with study, climbing the career ladder, being social and experiencing life as an adult. When I became a mum, my life turned upside down and slowed in a way I was not used to. I didn’t know how to merge all I was before with all I had become.
During my session with Cindy, I literally had to slow down and just be a mum sharing nature with her son. It’s so easy to get caught in all the mundane tasks of everyday life, especially as a mum, but when I look at these photos, I see a little human awakening from being that tiny newborn to someone who is taking in their surroundings and learning to really see the beauty around them. We adults can learn a lot from babies. Thank you Cindy for helping me slow down to see the beauty of motherhood.
















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