This year, I have put considerable energy into capturing the beauty of motherhood. I believe, we forget how beautiful it is to be a Mother on the days where chaos reigns. We get stuck in the laundry, the to do list, and the mess. We focus on the doing rather than the being. I know I do this all too often. I am constantly reminding myself of the importance of time with my children rather than a clean room.

This is my motivation behind this series. It has changed a little as the project has evolved. I find I am attracted to the nature of motherhood. I started noticing the small ways we mother our children. The actions that we do unconsciously. We wipe the hair out of the eyes or carry them on our hips when their little legs get tired. We gently tug on their pig tails or kiss them on the cheek as they squirm out of our arms. It is these small actions we never think about. These actions that scream, “I love you” and “You are my world”.

In light of this, the project has evolved.  It is now called {mother nature}. Now, I want to capture Mothers and their children in nature, a kind of play on “Mother Nature”.

I met Lauren and Miss G at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden. It was a gorgeous morning and quite warm for this time of year. The birds chirped and there was a slight breeze. We wandered through the garden, and talked about fairy tales, and princesses. We found the wildflowers and walked through the long grass. Again, it was the little ways of motherhood that I noticed. After looking at her gallery, Lauren wrote:

“Stuck between my beautiful daughter and the infertility issues of creating our second, put me in a funk. I was unappreciative of what I have and wanting what I thought I should have. The photo session brought me out of that.

Our photos are beautiful, and to pick our top five was an emotional experience. They capture Georgia beautifully and also things that I do as her mummy, that I probably didn’t realise I do. More importantly, they capture our friendship as it stands while she is a three year old. If only I could freeze time where it is in those photos”

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