On a cold winter’s day in Sydney, there is nothing better than cuddling up with your sister and watching a movie. That is how I found my two girls, and I could not help but ¬†pause what I was doing to grab my camera, and capture a few natural lifestyle portraits of them. They were a bit reluctant, and I understood as I was interrupting their movie. They covered their faces, and hid from me. I pretended to not notice and stood up on edge of the lounge. This made them laugh, and look at what I was doing. They pulled faces, and laughed some more. I just kept shooting, and loving the natural light that was pouring in through the window. These are simple portraits that show their relationship beautifully. They are comfortable being with each other, and this is how I often find them. Of course, they have days where they fight and argue. That is¬†expected, but they enjoy being with each other. They are lost when the other one has a play date. So when I find them enjoying a quiet moment, I want to pause these moments. These moments I will cherish forever.


DSC_6556 DSC_6560

DSC_6568 DSC_6566

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September 5, 2015
love these images Cindy!

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