{the art of baking} My second passion is baking. Well in fact it was my first and has since been replaced by photography. I love spending time in the kitchen, and feel a deep sense of peace. I grew up watching my Mum bake, and she taught me how to bake without a recipe. She taught me to go by feel. I connect with my children by baking together. I love the conversations that are shared while you sift flour. I love the mess, well not so much, but I love that we can create something together.

I envisaged something different for this theme, some more dramatic. Something that captured all of these feelings. Maybe it does, but maybe it never will. How do you capture those feelings in one image?


cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(1-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(4-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(3-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(5-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(6-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(7-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(9-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(10-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(12-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(13-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(14-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(15-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(17-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(18-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(20-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(21-of-24)-copy cindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(22-of-24)-copycindycavanagh-sydneyphotographer-(23-of-24)-copy


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