{shades of ombre}


When Angie first suggested this theme, I was initially worried. I had no idea what to capture for this theme. I pondered, and knew at some point I would see it. I thought about a rusty old garage that I drive past each day on the way to school. It has many shades of ombre, but it is on private property. I thought about the bark of the eucalyptus tree but I captured gum leaves last week and thought I should look for an alternative.

So I went about my week, and as I walking out the side of my house, I saw the orchid that is blooming. It has two stems, and the flowers are stunning. Instantly, I knew the orchids would be the center piece  in my images this week. I thought about what else I could find around the house, and slowly I began to build on the items for the theme. Somehow, I created a collection of my favourite things: flowers, a cookbook that I love, my first camera with a handmade camera strap, a latte.

I love how this project makes me look at my every day just a little closer. It makes me appreciate the small, and the mundane. To see the wonder of the oddments.

sydneyphotographer/collage of still life



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