With the children on holidays, we decided to visit some of the tourist icons in Sydney. It was a way for us to get to know our new home a  little better. This is something that we learnt when living in Brazil, and getting out to see the sites has become part of our family time together. We have visited the beach, and the city but decided to visit the Blue Mountains. These are a mountainous range just outside of Sydney, that get there name from the eucalyptus forest that a create a blue hue over the mountains. At the top of our must see list was the “Three Sisters”, an amazing rock formation that has a story in Aboriginal Legend. We loaded up the car with a picnic, winter jackets, and walking shoes. It was a stunning day, with blue skies and a cool wind. There is so much beauty in this world. It was a day to cherish, and these are some of my favourite images from our day together. image421sydneyportaits-(2-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(4-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(6-of-20)image421sydneyportaits-(1-of-1)-copy image421sydneyportaits-(7-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(8-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(9-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(10-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(11-of-20)-copy image421sydneyportaits-(12-of-20)-copy image421sydneyportaits-(13-of-20)-copy image421sydneyportaits-(14-of-20)-copy image421sydneyportaits-(16-of-20) image421sydneyportaits-(19-of-20)-copy

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