The backyard. It is where childhood adventures start. It is where we spread our wings and fly like a fairy. It was where we learn how to practise our wobbly cartwheels so we  look like a gymnast in the school yard . It is where we draw, and create amazing artwork with chalk. It is where we sit and ponder.

The backyard. Is there a better place for a family portrait session? This is where our kids laugh uncontrollably. This is where they wear mix-matched shorts and t-shirts with no shoes. This is where the sun shines, and the grass grows. We  look for the perfect location for family portraits, and often the best place is in our own back yard.

The backyard. We have missed our backyard over winter. Stepping out the backdoor happens less over the colder months, but now that the sun is warmer and the days are longer, we are back outside. And on this day, I took my camera outside, and captured these images as the sun set. I am sure my girls will cherish these days with fondness, as I remember the many adventures I shared with my own brother in our backyard.

The backyard. The next time you are looking for family photo ideas, take a look out the back door.


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