Doors. I love doors, and I particularly like old doors with their rusty handles. I like the scratches and imperfections. I love the history, and the stories they could tell.

I like modern, and bright coloured doors. On my buckets list is a home with a red front door. I think I would instantly purchase an unseen house if I pulled up in the driveway to see a red front door out the car window.

I love the symbolism of doors, and the fact that in life when one door closes, another door opens. To move on, we often need to open that door, and make a change. I love that life presents us with sliding door moments, and our life is never the same once we open that door.

Of course, my photography has increased my appreciation for doors. I love photographing doors, and find it a challenge to get the lines straight. I have many door images with crooked lines. I think this has to do with my height, or lack there of. My tippy toes just don’t give me enough height. But still, I stand on the very tips of  my toes, and stretch in the hope of getting those lines straight.

Now you can imagine my joy when we arrived at our holiday house to find a door with character. Instantly, I loved it. I knew that before the holiday was over, I needed to capture that door. I observed the door in different light, and I waited patiently for the right moment. That happened on the day you decided to play a game. You walked in and out the door several times, and played different parts in your imaginary game. I loved that game.

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