{Pretty In Pastels}

I found these blossoms on my school run. The tree is in the front yard, and the pretty pink contrasts against the fence. The fence is an odd aqua/blue colour. It looks like an undercoat of paint, but it has been this colour since we moved here. I drive past it each day, and it is one of the beauty spots that I keep an eye out for as I go about my busy day. I love these little pauses during my crazy day, where I look for the beauty in the ordinary. They are the reminder that I need to slow down, and be in the moment. The school run is often the part of the day where the kids are cranky, I feel rushed, and the traffic is slow. I use these beauty spots to calm me, and continue along the way.




Please take the time to visit Angie’s blog. Her take on ice-cream and flowers is beautiful and oh so creative.







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