Time with our children is always precious. When we have a place to play that we all love, we relax and be ourselves. We create days, and moments  remembered for a long time. Kristin, and her two children, enjoy such a place. It is her parent’s property where they spend long afternoons searching for yabbies in the creek, riding on grandpa’s tractor, building bon fires and toasting marshmallows.

The beauty of this property is obvious as soon as you arrive. There is a little lake, stunning trees and a house that belongs in a magazine. We pulled on our gumboots, and started our session with a walk to the creek. Then they played, and it was a true pleasure to capture. We walked along the creek, and they made boats from leaves and sticks.

As we walked to the lake, we chatted. Ms B and Master H told me a little about their Mum. They said she gave the best hugs, and made  delicious “eggs on toast”. This made both of us  laugh. We often focus on the big fancy meals, and it is the simple dinners they love. The meals we pull together in a moments notice to give them something to eat.

This is the beauty of motherhood. It truly is my pleasure to share it with you. Enjoy!


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