Over coffee, Lily and I met to discuss family portraits for her family. The last time she had portraits taken was in a studio, a couple of years ago. She felt they all looked stiff and unnatural in the images, and they did not reflect her family. We chatted about what her family loves to do, especially her children. She told me that her children loved to collect twigs, leaves, flowers, and bugs, and I knew immediately that Parque Vincentina Aranha would be the best location.

During the photo session, we walked around the huge bamboo, picked acerola, fed the chickens, and explored around the long grass. It was so much fun, and they collected many bits and pieces to take home. I really do not think the children thought they were in the middle of a portrait session, and as a result the images are stunning. Enjoy!

Be kind and take care,

Cindy Cavanagh

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