Parque Vincentina Aranha is my favourite park in Sao Jose dos Campos, and I have walked many kilometres around this park. So, my eyes lit up when Liliane and Allanah unequivocally informed me that they wanted to have their family portrait session there. Naturally, I pondered on the relationship between their family and the park.

The key was their family history. Lilian’s maternal great grandfather started work on building the hospital and later her grandfather came from Sao Paulo to work on the other buildings. During the time he worked at the park, he and his family ( including Liliane’s Mum and siblings) lived in a little  house in the park. They have family stories about children being chased in the long grass by giant snakes(  “jiboias”), and eating fruit straight from the trees. After the constructions were complete, the family returned to Sao Paulo. Years later her uncle , already an adult, was sick with tuberculous and came to the hospital for his treatment. Most recently, her Mother and Aunt answered questions about the Hospital’s history, and the current repairs to the park. It is such an extraordinary connection.

After walking around the park so often, I wondered about the little house and where they lived. After all, I had never seen a house. During the session, I was most excited to see the house, and capture the family out the front of the house.

I have an even deeper affection for this park after capturing this family’s images, and I am truly excited to share them.


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April 13, 2012
Dear Cindy, Thanks for making our history even more meaningful. Love,Liliane and family

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