Darren asked me to create a corporate headshot for his linked-in account but, I saw this as a great opportunity to have a portrait session with my gorgeous husband and best friend. We have travelled the world together and lived in 3 countries. We have been blessed with 5 children, in a time when 2 is the norm. We rely on each other for our chosen career, and he is my number one supporter with my passion for photography. When he ran his second marathon this year, I was sooo proud of his achievement, and the changes he made to make it happen. We laugh a lot, we share a passion for coffee and books, and we love seeing this amazing world….together.


Cindy Cavanagh

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Fabulous! I REALLY like the first one. You are one lucky lady! ;) Oh and he is one lucky guy!!!
November 7, 2011
Those are GREAT! I like the first one too... He looks like someone you just know you can trust and he seems so sincere, intelligent and kind!! Hooray for you. You captured so much in a simple face portrait. I agree with Jen he is a certainly a lucky guy for sure!

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