Melissa and her family arrived in Sao Jose dos Campos at the beginning of the year. They are not new to Brazil, as they have lived the last few years in Sao Paulo. It has been an easy move, and the family has fitted into the community and school with ease.

They were hoping to capture their new environment, and I introduced them to Parque de Cidade. I started the session with enormous bouncy balls, in all the colours of the rainbow. I wanted the family to relax and enjoy the session, and the balls were a total hit. The two girls chased the balls all over the park, while the baby held on tight to the big blue ball.

We then sat down for the formal shots, some with the balls, and then moved onto the huge bamboo. This is one of my favourite places to capture families in this park, especially when it is a new experience for the family. It makes a gorgeous background and we had fun climbing and exploring.

I am happy to share these images. Enjoy!


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