Olivia is learning to read and loves reading to her Mum. It is a night time routine they both love to share together, and Cica wanted to capture this. Of course, I couldn’t go there with my camera and bag of tricks to take photos during bedtime. We decided a hammock on a sunny afternoon was the next best alternative. I love the softness of these images and the pure joy on both of their faces.

After seeing the pink tutu on her sister, Olivia decided she wanted to dress-up…it really is a gorgeous tutu. We had a wardrobe change and then moved into the garden. Two very special rabbits, balloons, and a princess chair were added to create these beautiful images of a little girl who loves reading. YAY for reading!  Don’t forget ballet and zen yoga as well! 


Cindy Cavanagh

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Love them!
November 28, 2011
Awesome! I have something in my eye...

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