My daughter received an amazing pink tutu for her sixth birthday. It has many layers of soft tulle and bounces as she walks. Whenever she wears it, she attracts alot of attention. I had this idea to use the pink tutu for a photo session that also included balloons and bubbles. I put the idea on hold until I found the perfect location and the right model.

On my FB page, I sent out a request for models to complete the ideas that are buzzing around my mind. The Tripician family contacted me and said they would love their two girls to be involved. We meet at Cica’s house, to discuss ideas. She suggested her tree lined street for one of the sessions. When I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect location for my tutu idea. Her father was Mayor of Sao Jose dos Campos  during the 70’s and planted trees along their street. They are now huge and beautiful. I just loved the family connection.

I am so excited to share these photos, as Miss Helena was more than I could hope for in a model. She was excited and happy to be part of the session. She was so creative and came up with her own ideas for me to take photos. Plus the afternoon light was just beautiful. When it all came together, the pink tutu, the bubbles, the balloons, the trees, and a happy, skipping, girl….. I was blown away.


Cindy Cavanagh

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November 22, 2011
No need to say that I have tears in my eyes.... To see my beautiful daughter being captured in such a poetic way, in a street where I grew up with so many family memories... I am just speechless.

Thank you Cindy for capturing such a tender moment of my full-of-life 10 year old!
May 6, 2012

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