Angela has two boys, one who is two and one who is 14. She approached me about capturing her two boys, as her eldest son lives in Australia and he was visiting for the summer. It was a fantastic opportunity to capture the boys together.

I guessed that both boys would not be interested in a portrait session, but for different reasons. The toddler is at an age where they love exploring and being busy. The teenager is at an age where they do not always feel comfortable in front of the camera. What to do?

We chatted and decided we would use skateboards as a prop to help the boys to interact and forget the camera. We also decided to use a graffiti wall as the background to add some edge for the teenager.

I love the different emotions a toddler expresses ( and the same can be said of teenagers). There is no fake smile, and if they are not happy then that is the face they show. It makes the smile extra special when they share it with you. Enjoy!

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February 23, 2012
And you captured them both perfectly! I will definitely treasure these for years to come!! Thanks Cindy you are AWESOME and soooo talented!

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