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The beauty of motherhood is sometimes forgotten  with the dreary of our day to day. The jobs of being a mother can sometimes feel like a thick blanket on a warm day…smothering. We can forget that there is beauty in our roles as Mums, as we focus on the washing, cleaning, fighting, messiness of life with children.   This messiness and noise is not why we signed up to be a Mother, and as my best friend said “this was not in the brochure.”

But I love being a Mum, and there is beauty in motherhood . I wanted to remind myself of this,  so I decided to join my two passions: photography and motherhood.  I created a project to document the natural, and the candid beauty of motherhood. Our smiles are the biggest when our arms are wrapped around our children. There is a sparkle in our eye when we play at our favourite place with our children. There is real joy when we watch our children be little. That smile is what I want to capture. The look of love that is indescribable with words.

My plan was to document 20 Mothers and their children by Mother’s Day in 2015. I have captured 5 gorgeous families. The real number doesn’t matter that much but I would like to get as close as possible. In fact, I thought I would reach 20 easy peasy. However, the number one reason I have heard why Mothers don’t want to be in front of the camera usually has to do with their appearance. I knew this was a possibility, so I put myself in front of the camera here.

But just let me say this ” you are beautiful“. I want to shout this from the rooftop. Your wrinkles are from smiling. Your tummy is stretched from carrying your gorgeous children. The bags under your eyes are from looking after children who wake-up at night. But only you will see these flaws. Only you will not see the Beautiful YOU. Your children will see your beauty, and so too will your friends and family. Again, “You are beautiful!!!”

So if you are flawless, and belong in a magazine then your are not the role model that I am looking for. But, if you love your children, and they are the light of your life then I am looking for you. If you love to bake, and have a favourite recipe then I would love to capture you in your kitchen. If you love to build sand castles, and collect shells then I would love to capture you on the beach. If you love to make a mess with arts and crafts or jump on the bed with your children, then I would love you to invite me into your house. If you would love to help me reach my goal of capturing 20 mothers by Mother’s day, then send me an email at



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