This is the simplest trick in the book. It doesn’t involve upgrading your camera to the latest and greatest but it will have a huge impact on your photos.  Drum roll please……..the easiest way to improve your photos is to remove distractions. A distraction is any object, person or background that removes the viewers focus from the main subject in the image. Take away the mess in the background, remove the garbage bin full of trash. If it doesn’t add to the story, then don’t include it in your photo.

How do you remove the distractions:

1) Take the distractions out of the scene, if they can be physically removed.

2) Move the subject to a different position, so the distractions are no longer an issue.

3) Change your position from where you are taking the photo, so the distractions are no longer in the frame.

4) Fill the frame with the subject, and then the distractions are no longer an issue.




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