One of the first questions that I ask when families enquire about portrait sessions is “where do you like to play together?”.  Sometimes, there is a pause and I can see them thinking, “We don’t  have a place to play”. But then I ask “Where is your favourite place to visit together?” “Is there a beach or a park or a room in your home that you like to play together?”  The reason that I ask this question about the location for the portrait session  is that I have found portraits at your favourite place are  relaxed.  Your favourite place is where children relax the most. Children love to show you the hidden secrets they have found with their Mum and Dad. They lead the way and I follow. This is their turf and they invite me to play. The result is that the portraits are natural and unposed. It is not forced fun. It is fun.

When I suggest the location, then I lead the way. This is my turf, and they are seeing it for the first time. I invite you to play and sometimes it takes a while  for children to warm-up, and relax.

The next time you are thinking about portraits for your family, then think about the places you like to play. A great view is one thing, but real laughter, unforced joy and a sparkle in their eyes is another.

If you want to book a  {together } session with your family at your favourite location, then please send an email to cindy@image421photography.com.You will receive a complimentary print (11 x 14)  of the collage of your {together} session for all sessions booked in January, 2015. Just like this one!

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