Kimberlie and Rick are delighted to be expecting their third child. Their two children, James and Lilah, are  extremely excited about a new sister. Their eyes light up when you ask them questions, and they have already embraced this blessed baby girl with open arms and a lot of love.
So it was only natural for the whole family to be included in Kimberlie’s maternity session. We decided to have the session at Parque Vincentina, as it is the family’s favourite park. We met on a Sunday at dusk and used the old buildings as a back drop.

This was a fun session, and the whole family actively participated. They suggested places to pause and catch the light, they posed “de moda” style as well as natural poses. James and Lilah were extremely creative and came up with some great ideas.

It was energetic, fun and creative. Kimberlie looks amazing for 34 weeks. She is fit, healthy, and throughly enjoying this pregnancy. Aftewards Kimberlie told me: “We had so much fun today! Lilah got in the car and said, ” I love Ms. Cindy! ”

This is a loving family, and it was a joy to capture their love. They are a connected family, waiting for baby number to join them. It is a pleasure to share these images with you. Enjoy!

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October 28, 2012
Awesome photos! Gorgeous family! I love what you have done with your website! It looks amazing! Love the new design!!! Keep up the wonderful work. love you

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