One of the most frequent questions I receive is: ” Where do you find the time? 5 kids, busy husband and living in a foreign country…  how do you make time for your photography. The answer is simple.

TURN OFF THE TV!!. I cannot remember the last time I  sat down to watch a night of TV. We have family movie nights and  sometimes I like to catch up on the news.  After 5 minutes of CNN and BBC (my only english option here in Brazil), I am ready to turn it back off . I have now lost interest in the TV shows that were once so important to me….serious crime stories, drama, mysteries diseases and a neighbourhood I truly would not want to live in. The only way I keep up to date on the gossip about TV shows is from my friend’s posts on FB.

Was it easy at first? NO! At the end of the day you just want to tune out, put your feet up and munch on  TV snacks before crawling into bed. If I turned the TV on for just 5 minutes, I would be there for an hour or 2, as one program rolled into the next.

But I wanted to learn photography and I love to be creative.  So turning the TV off and throwing away the TV guide were my only options. I know that if my day is totally full, I will always be able to process the photos, research ideas on websites, study the theory  and write my blog, once everyone is snoring in bed.

So make a plan, start a project and turn off the TV. You will be amazed at how creative you will become as the ideas bubble up, instead of being zoned out…..

Take care
Cindy Cavanagh

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