original-(1-of-1)-2Finding “me” time is not always easy, and I know that I am not alone. Many of us have long “to-do” lists where we put the needs of our busy life first. However, I know the signs when I need to find time for me. I am not as patient as I like to be. Simple frustrations feel like the grand canyon. There is very little peace, and when I feel like this then I know I need a little escape.

This month, I found time for me. I am inspired by the great outdoors, and getting out into the country always makes my heart feel full. I drove on the country roads between the yellow canola fields, the clear blue sky, the blossoming wattle. I listened to the radio station that I liked, and I sang out loud.  I stopped when I saw beauty. I sat in the gorgeous sun in a country town, enjoyed a coffee with a delicious almond and orange baby cake, and read the newspaper. All simple. Finding this time for me was rejuvenating. My step felt lighter, and my “to-do” felt shorter. My kids were happier because I was patient and smiled more.

So I have a suggestion for you:  Make a date with yourself, and find time for what fills your heart with joy. ♡

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February 24, 2014
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