Twins! We all wonder how we would respond to this when we have the first ultrasound. Angela and Luis received this shocking news and felt breathless. Despite more to organise, they took it in their stride. Angela looked stunning during her pregnancy and hardly gained any weight. She looked healthy, radiant and happy.

Thaila Sophia and Milla Brielle arrived early at 31 weeks by c-section, measuring 1590 grams and 41.5 cms, and 1565 grams and 40 cms respectively. The first 48 hours were crucial, and the most difficult for the whole family. Thankfully they made it past this point, and they spent a month in hospital growing and getting stronger each day.

At 6 weeks, we got together to capture this moment. They weighed around 2 kilos each, still so tiny and yet so perfect.

I am happy to share these images with you. Enjoy!

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October 14, 2012
Oooo so excited my girls featured on your blog! Once again you captured two of my children and the results are beautiful! Thank you Cindy - for everything! Beijos xx Angela
October 15, 2012
[...] were 6 weeks, and still extremely little. Click on this link if you want to refresh your memory They are growing wonderfully, and their brilliant blue eyes look as they are going to stay [...]

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