You would think that I would notice the changes. You growing taller, and in my opinion, more beautiful. With all the images that I capture, you would think that I would notice the smallest change. I didn’t. I didnt see the changes until I saw you sitting there painting your nails, and playing with make-up. Then, and only then, did I see your longer and leaner legs. Your hair that shines and almost reaches down your back. You look older than your years and maybe I didnt want to see those changes. I didnt want to see you blossoming. This always takes me by surprise. In the busyness of life, I forget that you are growing. I forget that you change each and every day. And while part of me wants to hit pause, I know it is impossible. So, I will pay more attention during these ordinary moments. I will enjoy these changes because the beauty that shines from you, from the inside, well that is something that I want to cherish.

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January 11, 2014
So beautifully written; you bring tears to my eyes. Outstanding images!

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