This month, the boys in our family decided to visit a gaming exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. None of the girls, me included, were interested, so we planned our own little adventure to the beach. I asked my daughters if they would be interested in seeing the sun rise, and initially there was very little enthusiasm for waking up at 5.30am on a Saturday morning. However, I asked the girls to not think  about early wake up call but instead think about seeing a beautiful sunrise, and the yummy breakfast picnic we would enjoy. And the added bribery of an ice-cream for morning tea also helped.

Their excitement at seeing the sunrise was well worth the early morning rise. They jumped, ran, danced, and marveled at the beauty of the sun. It was truly inspiring to see their joy.  Their connection as sisters filled my heart with joy. They built sandcastles, and chatted easily as we enjoyed our breakfast picnic. We then went for a walk around the rock pools and found a starfish.

I left the beach feeling blessed, sun-kissed, and with a full heart, and hope my girls felt the same way. How could I not want to cherish this day. This morning that I spent with my three girls..

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