I can not remember how I found Barn Uil from Jinky Art photography, but I do remember loving her work instantly. Her work is romantic and whimsical, and this is what caught my attention. That and the fact that she is Australian, in a world where I seem to hear mostly about photographers based in the USA. I have followed her work online and admired her imagination from afar.

I have learnt all my photography online and I felt the need be in front of a teacher. I needed to hear, watch and soak up the information in person. I was secretly thrilled when I saw online that Barb was scheduling workshops in the USA. Yes, I know that Brazil is not next door to the USA, but when you have a husband who travels for work, your world gets smaller. After much discussing and organizing with my sweet husband, I reserved my seat at the workshop and jumped for joy at such an opportunity.

Fast forward six months, and I am packing to leave for the workshop. I am a bundle of nerves about leaving my family and travelling solo for the first time in 14 years. While every cell is screaming to return home, I force myself to walk on the plane. I drink a glass of red wine, watch a movie, read my book while the butterflies danced a happy dance in my belly.

The 3 days of the workshop were everything that I needed, and the welcome hug from Barb and her accent had a calming influence on my dancing butterflies. I listened to sound advice, laughed and cringed at the craziness of the photography industry, and felt Mr Self-Doubt pop up his ugly head from time to time. I met lovely ladies who all shared the same passion for photography, enjoyed fabulous food and good company over the three days. And photos! Of course, I took lots of photos.

The sessions that Barb and Lori created were whimsical and sweet, every thing that is the Jinky Art experience. Watching and shooting these sessions reignited my passion for capturing the every day. When I started my photography journey, it was to catch and keep those moments that pass us by. The moments we look back with “saudades”. I realised I had moved away from this over the last 6 months, and now I have returned to what I love.

I am truly grateful for the experience, and it is a pleasure to share the images that I captured during the workshop with you. Enjoy!

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October 19, 2012

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