Last weekend, our Nanny came to visit. She brought with her a new recipe for “lemonade scones” that she was excited to try. Scones are not something that I make when I am baking. I usually bake cupcakes, muffins or cookies. I was excited to learn this recipe as much as my girls.

As she started the recipe, our Nanny chatted about her Mum and how she could whip up a batch of scones in no time. How if friends popped over, she would have the scones in the oven before they even sat down. She reminisced about her  fluffy and soft the scones.  My girls  listened to their grandmother talk about her mother, their Dad’s Nanny.  In that moment they made a connection to a wonderful lady, even though they are too young to remember their great grandmother. That is the power of cooking. It can evoke memories long forgotten, and create family traditions. Recipes can be past down, and shared with family members who are too young to remember.

So while we whipped the cream, and set the table for afternoon tea, we also made memories for my girls to share when they are older.

If you have a recipe that you like to bake with your children, or grandchildren, then let’s chat about capturing the moment with a lifestyle session in your home. You can email me at for all the information.


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