Most Loved: 3rd March


This week, I have unconsciously picked images that show childhood innocence. It is not surprising really, as I love to capture this with my own photography. However, whenever I see an image that I love, I immediately download it to a folder. Today, when I went to write this post I looked at the images and the theme was clearly present. I hope you enjoy them.

Ginger Unzueta Photography:

I have been a fan of Ginger’s images for a while. She truly captures the beauty in her everyday. The colour and the composition are what attracted me to this image, but the innocence is what made me stay and pause for a while.

ginger unzueta


Jujujems Art and Portrait Studio

I just love her expression…oh so cute. The editing is gorgeous.


Maricruz Photography

I love the colour and the composition of this image….and her little hand up just makes me smile  as my youngest also does this.

Orange Anchor Photography

Orange Anchor Photography is a recent find for me. This is one of those images that you say “WHAT!”. I am totally blown away by this image. The ship, the sky, the boy. Just wow!!!!


Robin Chavez Photography.
In my humble opinion, Robin is the queen of composites. She has an unbelievable imagination and creates these amazing images composed of 2 or more images…and this image of “where the wild things are?” is adorable.


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