Gosh! I am not sure where to start this post or what to write, but I thought it was appropriate to share a little about myself. I am always writing about other people and their families, and I thought it was only fair to share some light on the girl behind the camera.
So I thought I would start with 5 adjectives that I think best describes Cindy Cavanagh.

Passionate: A friend sent this message to me and I just loved it!

“the word of the day made me think of you:
Portuguese word: apaixonado
English translation: passionate
Part of speech: adjective
Example sentence
Portuguese: Sou apaixonado por fotografia.
English: I am passionate about photography.” 

Grateful: My husband and I have worked hard to be where we are today.  I am grateful for all that we have. We do not have the biggest house, car,  or the newest camera equipment, but we have a house filled with love and laughter.

Adventurous: When I was growing up, I always thought of myself as reserved. I was the quiet person in the group. I still feel like this but less. It has been replaced with a sense of adventure. I realised this when I agreed to bring 5 children to Brazil. It has been quiet the adventure and I have loved every minute. It has changed how I look at the world, and I am a stronger person that I ever thought.  I love sharing this experience with my family. We have visited the most interesting places and learned a second language. Living another culture is so different than just visiting it.

Patient: This is the word that I hear most about myself from my friends and family. I do not always feel patient but I think I know when to fight and when to wait. During a photo session,  I know when to wait and when to create a distraction. My children have taught me that a distraction is the best way to redirect them when they are tired or bored. That and praise!

Creative: Like my Mum, I have tried a number of arts and crafts. Baking, cake decorating, mosaics, folk art, and now photography. Even as a young girl, I would spend a large amount of time on creating the title page for my school project. I like to see beauty and what people can create. It makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Photography has taught me to look at the world differently, and how the small details are often the most important.

That is me! The photos in the blog were captured by my sweet friend Leticia. I love the “feira” or street markets. It is my favorite thing to do in Brazil. I have wanted to do a session at the feira, and then decided that I wanted to capture this moment in my life. When I asked Leticia if she would capture the images for me, she agreed immediately. Muito obrigada minha amiga!

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